Paperless Environment - eliminates paper timesheets & homebrew spreadsheets and the headaches that arise out of managing them.

Employee Self Service - Employees can view pay stubs and W2's and make changes to their personal data. Employees can also maintain important data such as Emergency Contacts.

Easy-To-Use Interface - eTimesheets is a web-based time management system that is easy to use and can be accessed from any web browser. The system can be configured for any corporate process/workflow.

Streamline Workflow - Can be tailored to specific projects where employees only see the charges they are allowed to use.

Straight Forward Charge Titles - eTimesheets allows you to use plain English titles to describe your charge codes as they are developed. Employees spend less time looking up cryptic codes and are able to get their time entered quickly and efficiently.


Customizable - The power of eTimesheets lies in its ability to adapt to most organizational workflows and business processes. Whether you require basic or complex charge codes, eTimesheets supports up to ten attributes per charge code. You can choose whether you would like employees to see all available charges or only those they are authorized to use, the system can be tailored to meet your needs.

Schedules - eTimesheets features the ability to define your own time schedules including: Weekly (52 per year) Bi-Weekly (26 per year) Monthly (12 per year) Semi-Monthly (24 per year)

Comments - eTimesheets can be configured to allow employees to add comments to an individual timesheet charge or to the entire timesheet. This feature can be useful in eliminating excessive complexity when setting up charge codes and making it easier for employees to annotate a timesheet.

Payroll Integration - this is where eTimesheets really excels over other timekeeping systems. It is a flexible and adaptable system. Since we grew out of the payroll industry we are intimately familiar with many of the payroll systems and how they work.

Overtime Rules - eTimesheets supports the creation of overtime rules for managing how employees log hours in an overtime charge.

Punch Clock Operations - supports basic punch clock (in/out) management of employees.

Functionally Group Employees - Create groups within eTimesheets that map directly into your company’s organizational structure.


Security and Permissions - Set permissions to secure data at various levels: Administrative, Supervisory or employee. Employees can only see what they are allowed to see.

Process Integration - eTimesheets can exchange data with a wide variety of accounting, Human Resources Management Systems, or payroll systems.

Support Services - Our Support Services team has years of experience integrating with 3rd party applications such as payroll and Human Resource Management Systems. Contact Us if you have specific data integration needs.

Professional Hosting - eTimesheets servers are hosted in a world-class hosting facility and have experienced 100% availability since 2000.

Data Backup - eTimesheets customer data is backed up every night and moved off site 3 times a week so your data will always be safe.


Fast - Access Dynamic reports over the web.

Cost Effective - eTimesheets is extremely affordable with no large upfront costs incurred with either hardware, software or human resources. Visit our Pricing page for details.

Flexible invoicing - Pay monthly, quarterly or yearly..

Seamless Updates - eTimesheets is updated frequently on our end, so customer’s instantly get new features without installing time-consuming and expensive software upgrades.

Reminders - You can set up automatic e-mail reminders to be sent to delinquent users at specified times if they forget to enter hours each day or sign a timesheet by a specific day/time.

Report System - There is a built-in report that informs supervisors of timesheets that have not been signed, allowing them to take action via email.

Broadcast Messages - - eTimesheets supports Broadcast messaging which allows administrators to notify users of system upgrades, timesheet changes, project status, and news about your organization.


Easily Export Data - Quickly generate reports for review and export to EXCEL or PDF format for dissemination.

DCAA Compliant - eTimesheets allows for the creation of an audit trail of timesheet changes thus meeting time tracking guidelines set by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

Report Generation - simple reports to complex data mining allows you to transform data into business-critical information. eTimesheets has over 20 standard reports to choose from and with more being added every month its likely we have something that will work for you. If you cannot find one that does exactly what you need let us know and we will develop a custom report specific to your own business process.

Project Management - Managers can quickly determine how much time has been spent on a project.

Holidays - Holiday schedules can be defined, tied to the specific charge in the system and then displayed automatically on employee’s timesheets at the appropriate time.

User Management - eTimesheets administrators can add and delete employees as well as modify any of their systems settings. Employees can be grouped into logical organization structures.

Easy Access - Employees can access their timesheets from anywhere with an internet connection.

Scalable - eTimesheets can easily scale from 10 to 100 to 1000 users without having to upgrade expense enterprise software or hardware. An excellent feature for growing companies.

Track Time Off - Accurately track time off such as vacation, sick and holiday time.

If you didn’t see a specific feature you are interested in please request more information from us.