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Terms of use

1. Indemnification. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify eTimesheets, and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and employees

About the Demo

We have set up several demo accounts for you to use and get a feel for how eTimesheets can be used to track time and attendance. Feel free to kick the tires, create timesheet charges, add hours to a timesheet or make any changes within one of these three accounts. The data in the accounts is reset every night so any changes you make will be temporary and won't hurt anything.

Keep in mind that these are generic accounts setup in a way to give you an idea of what a typical company would look like inside eTimesheets. Our system is extremely flexible and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

How To Login

There are three ways to login to eTimesheets.com depending on the perspective you would like to have:

1. Employee

As an employee you will be able to examine your own timesheet, add charges, add hours, sign and lock it. You will not be able to view other employees timesheets or execute any supervisory or administrative functions. You will also be able to run basic timesheet reports.

Company: DEMO2
User Id: aaaa
Password: aaaa

2. Supervisor

As a supervisor you will have access to the all the employees timesheets that are assigned to you through the supervisory groups function. You will have limited administrative privledges. You will be able to run most of the reports that are available.

Company: DEMO2
User Id: bbbb
Password: bbbb

3. Administrator

As the Administrator of the timesheet system you will have total control over the system with the ability to view all the timesheets, run all the reports and exexcute any setup function. Use this account if you would like to practice building up charges through our flexible attribute system.

Company: DEMO2
User Id: cccc
Password: cccc

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