Ease of Use eTimesheets is designed for ease of use. Employees spend a minimal amount of time entering timesheet information.

Customizable The power of eTimesheets lies in its ability to adapt to most organizational workflows and business processes. Whether you require basic or complex charge codes, eTimesheets supports up to ten attributes per charge code.

Straight Forward Charge Titles eTimesheets allows you to use plain English titles to describe your charge codes as they are developed. Employees spend less time looking up cryptic codes and are able to get their time entered quickly and efficiently.

Charges with up to 10 levels of attributes For example, a single charge can contain a Client ID, Job Number, Task, Sub-task, ... up to 10 levels, with your own labels. Simple charges or complex, it's fully customizable.

Viewable Charges You decide which charges each employee can see. Charges can have expiration dates.

DCAA Compliant Timesheets has features and functions that directly support the requirements stated in the Automated Timekeeping Systems section of the Defense Contractors Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

Timesheet Schedules The timesheet schedule is your choice. It could be Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly, or any custom length. Timesheets can start on any day of week.

Punch clock or manually enter hours Employees can be set to allow manually entered hours, and/or use the Punch-Clock.

Supervisors Supervisors only see the employees they supervise and supervisor’s privileges can be customized. For example, you may allow a supervisor to modify an employee’s timesheet (audit trailed and employee must re-sign) or allow view-only.

Approvals Etimesheets can be configured to require up to three approvals before a timesheet is considered ‘Approved’.

Audit Trail Individual timesheets have ‘versions’. An auditor can view a previous version of a timesheet.

Locked Timesheets Once a timesheet is signed by the employee, it is locked. A supervisor would need to unlock the timesheet and the employee would need to re-sign if a change is needed.

Comments eTimesheets can be configured to allow employees to add comments to an individual timesheet charge or to the entire timesheet. This feature can be useful in eliminating excessive complexity when setting up charge codes and making it easier for employees to annotate a timesheet.

Payroll Integration This is where eTimesheets really excels. It is a flexible and adaptable system. Since we grew out of the payroll industry we are intimately familiar with many of the payroll systems and how they work.

Import Data Employees, charge information (job numbers etc.) can be imported from a spreadsheet.

Export Data Quickly generate reports for review and export to EXCEL or PDF format for dissemination.

Report Generation Simple reports to complex data mining allows you to transform data into business-critical information. eTimesheets has over 20 standard reports to choose from. If you cannot find one that does exactly what you need let us know and we will develop a custom report specific to your own business process.

Holidays Holiday schedules can be defined, tied to the specific charge in the system and then displayed automatically on employee’s timesheets at the appropriate time.

If you didn’t see a specific feature you are interested in please request more information from us.